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Stud & Track Systems – E-Stud Line

Stud & Track Systems
H.D. Stud & Track System E-Stud Line System
The E-Stud Line is compact and designed for the light commercial industry. Its unitized construction allows it to be taken to the job site, relocated within the plant where needed or easily stored between jobs or applications. This is not a light duty, chain drive, portable, job site throw away. The E-Stud eliminates extensive coil changeovers and roll spacer tooling setups. Once you understand all the features the E-Stud provides, nothing else will compare in price, for years of dependable service. See Video – Click Here

Economical Programmable
Stud & Track with Quick Changeover
for Commercial Applications

The main objective to manufacturing your own Stud and Track is to Eliminate Manufacturing Costs, Inventories and Scrap Loss and to produce studs to size on a Just-in-time basis. With most other Stud Lines you end up with a system that requires a lot of Operator expertise with extensive downtime for Roll Tooling Spacer changes and Cutoff Die setups. Time consuming Stud to Track coil changeovers reduce the production capabilities and generate extensive scrap loss.

The E-Stud Line was designed as an economical alternative to eliminate all the extensive setups and changeovers and to maximize your overall Stud & Track production. Eliminating the coil changeover from Stud to Track is a real time saver and allows you to run and/or bundle everything needed for a wall or section on a just-in-time basis.

Variable Width Rollform

The main feature that really makes this system great is our Variable Head Rollformer that positions the Roll Tooling with a simple Lead Screw Handwheel. The Variable Tooling is the same concept used on all our heavy duty industrial Stud and Track and Joist Rollformers. We are the only company that offers this feature on a Stud & Track System in this price range.

Our Variable Width Rollform Design positions the roll tooling with a simple lead screw handwheel. The Variable Tooling Design allows the Operator to make width changeovers in less than a minute.

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The E-Stud uses a Programmable Pre-Punch, Pre-Cut System along with a Variable Head Rollformer. These features are usually found only on heavier Industrial Stud, Track and Girt Lines. The Programmable Pre-Cut System produces a better cutoff end condition and eliminates die changes between Stud sizes and Stud to Track changeovers. The Variable Head Rollformer is designed to position and vary the Rolls using a simple Lead Screw setting in less than a minute. This gives you an infinite variation from the widest to narrowest Stud and Track size range, eliminating a time consuming spacer setup and limited size selection. Tracks can be sized to fit the Studs throughout the full gauge range for a snug tight fit.

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