Coil Feed and Cut To Length Line Systems

Coil Cut To Length Lines Home Compact Cut To Length Double Slack Loop Cut To Length Slit & Shear with Arbor Slitter CNC Notch/Punch Coil Cut To Length

Coil Feed and Cut To Length

General Specifications

Material Range: 30 gauge to 10 gauge (7 gauge up to 24” wide)

Standard Strip Widths: 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”

Line Speeds: 40 to 200 FPM


Custom Rollform Products manufactures a complete line of Coil Strip Feed and Cut To Length Line Systems designed to fulfill a wide variety of applications. We offer a full line of Drives and Programmable Feeds to meet any production requirement.

Utilizing quality Feed Straighteners and Programmable Feed Controllers we manufacture a full range of Heavy-Duty Shears and Flying Cutoff presses to produce a variety of Coil Strip Feed and Coil Cut To Length Systems.

All Straighteners are designed for both over and under fed coil applications and fully optioned with features found only in the best of systems.

We offer a full range of Heavy-Duty Pneumatic and Hydraulic Shear Cutoffs for both Fly Cutoff and Programmable Index Feed operations. Cutoff Shears range from Heavy-Duty Post Press / Die configurations to Heavy-Duty Full Welded Gib Shears. All have quality hardened and ground Shear Blades made of high carbon / high chrome tool steel for years of dependable service.

Standard Features Include

Programmable Length and Batch Controls

Loop Control Sensors

Full Hardened Pinch Feed and Straightener Rolls

Straighteners designed for both Over and Under Coil Feeds

Micrometer Setting (Straightener Rolls)

Pneumatic Clamping (All Pinch Feed Rolls)

Hardened Infeed Guides

Entrance and Exit Cascade Rolls as required

 basic_rollformer_control_panelSimple User-Friendly Programmable Keyboard Entry w/Multi Batch Storage

Options Available Include

Decoilers, Coil Cars, and Upenders

Peeler and/or Threader Tables Notching and Punching (Inline)

Inline Slitting

Sheet Stackers


Tangent or Endforming


Coil Feed CNC Notch and Punch System

Special Optional Features

Programmable Inline CNC Servo Index Punching and Notching across the ‘Y’ axis.

Programmable Inline CNC Servo Index Slitting for low volume and one-off quick-change slitting, shearing and blanking.

Multiple quick change Inline Decoiler and Self Threading Coil Feed Applications available. 5 IN-LINE DECOILERS

Coil Feed and Cut To Length Line

Programmable Coil Feed Slit and Shear Line shown with five Inline 25,000# Decoilers for a quick change of various master coils.

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