Automation Systems

Air Make-Up Systems
Tubular Frame and Intermediate Support

Air Make-Up System

Air Conditioning Cabinets

Tangent Forming Air Conditioning Cabinets
(Combination Form Press, Tangent Former & Clinch Lock Unit)

Air Conditioning Cabinets

Automated System to Manufacture and Assemble Box Fans

 Fan & Fan Housing

Blower Housings

Blower Housings
Special Patent Pending Tab-Lock Design

Combination Coil Cut-to-Length and Shelf Fabrication System

 Shelf Part

Complete Coil Feed Rollformer and Tangent Wingformer to produce a variety of Personal Safes


Electrical Wireway

(14 to 16 GA. Galvanized or Pre-Painted)

Electrical Wireway

Fire Damper Frames and Blades

The Latest Concepts in On-Time Production Systems

Fire Damper Blade Part-300
Fire Damper BladesFire Damper Frame Part-300
Fire Damper Frame

Gun Safes (10, 11 & 12 Ga. Steel)

Coil Fed, Rollform Flanges, Programmed
Tangent Former 24” x 24” to 36” x 72”
Full Wrapper (3 Depths)


Light Diffuser System

Light Diffuser Parts

Oven Cavities

Integrated Rollform, Tangent Form, & Welding Application


Pre-Painted Cabinets

Rollformed and Tangent Bent Into 3-Sided Wrappers

Furnace Wrapper

Pre-painted Furnace Cabinet System

Blank Feed with 8 Position Stack Tower, Pre-Notch & punch, Rollform & Programmable Tangent Wing Form End Form Three Sided Wrapper Cabinet

Variety of styles & sizes in minutes

Programmable Coil Feed Slit and Shear Lines

The most productive Blanking system on the market.

 Programmable Slit & Shear Lines

Stainless Steel Kennel

Full Wrapper Housing 20 GA. Stainless Steel

Dog Kennel

Tangent Forming Electrical Enclosure Boxes

(16 Ga. Pre-Painted Steel)


Variable-Width tooling concept designed for a wide variety of Rollform Configurations

Variable Width Tooling

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