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Variable Width Rollformers

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Variable Head Rollformers (Quick Changeover to Vary Roll Tooling and Part Profile)

One of our unique design concepts incorporates our Variable Width Quick Change Roll Tooling. The width of the Tooling or part is varied with a simple Handwheel Leadscrew setting. The Roll width setup can be performed in less than a minute. Variable RollformerVariables can range from a few thousandths to around 20″ wide.
Micrometer Readouts and Servo Positioning is available.
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Eliminates hours of setup and changeover time. A single Handwheel moves the complete Roll Set along the Bearing Housing Side Plate.

Lead Screws positioned throughout the Rollformer hold and retain the alignment. Infeed Guides, and Out-Feed Straighteners are positioned simultaneously in less than a minute. Width variables are infinite and can compensate for strip width variable. VH PAGE 1 TOOLING

Variable Head Rollformers

Variable Head Rollformer See Video
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We take great pride in the technical designs and concepts we have introduced over the years to increase the productivity and accuracy of our Rollform Systems. We have led the field for over 30 years developing programmable Index Feeds, multiple Pre-Tooled Rollformers, Variable Width Rollform Tooling and a wide variety of Quick-Change tooling and setup concepts.  VH PAGE 2 PICTURE1Closed                                Open
The system shown incorporates our Variable Width Roll Tooling and Programmable Index Feed Drive. The width of the tooling or part is varied with a simple Handwheel Lead Screw setting. Roll width setup can be performed in less than a minute. VariableChannels Damper BladesDamper BladesDamper FrameDamper Frame

Variable Width Tooling concept designed for a wide variety of rollform configurations.

DUAL VARIABLE TOOLINGDual Variable Application

JambJamb StudStud
Grain Bin StiffenersDual Variable for Nested Part Design
17 to 7 Ga. Grain Bin Stiffeners
Special Dual Stage Variable Designs can be adapted to produce a wide range of part configurations.VARIABLE HEAD TOOLING Special Notch & Punch DiesSpecial Notch and Punch Dies can
also be positioned with lead screws
to match variations in widths.
Window & Door JambsWindow & Door Jambs
Stud & JoistStuds & Joist

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