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Independent Stand Rollformer

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Custom Rollform Products makes a wide variety of heavy duty Independent Stand Rollformers.  These provide easy access for Roll Tooling, setups and maintenance. The Independent Stand is mainly for Wide Panel Applications.  These often require Ribs and Corrugations to be formed across the width of the Panels.

The individual outboard stands can be removed on the non-drive side.  This gives full access to the top and bottom Spindles and Rolls on that station. Independent Outboard Stands support spindles and allow access to heavy, large diameter Roll Tooling.

Independent Stand RollformerShown Independent Stand Rollformer to produce 16 to 7 GA. Grain Bin Stiffener.
Independent Stand Rollformer ToolingPanel Rollformers
Independent Stands on wide panel requiring forming rolls across the width of the panel.
When a wide panel or part profile incorporates ribs, embossing or corrugations across the width the profile or the forming requires heavy large diameter Form Rolls, an Independent Stand Rollformer system is the preferred application. The Independent Stands support the Spindles and Roll Tooling on the non-drive side of the Rollformer. The Stands are designed to be removable to expose the ends of the Roll Tooling Spindles for easy access to the Roll Tooling.
With the Outboard Independent Stand removed, you have easy access to the Roll Tooling for maintenance or modification to the profile. The Drive side of the Rollformer is designed to support and hold each pair of Spindles in place once the Stands are removed. The Drive side also retains the alignment of the Roll Shafts and Tooling as well as support the station to station gear drive throughout the Rollformer. Independent Stand Rollformer Side ViewTwenty (20) station Rollformer to make 14 Gauge post section.
ISR-2 Clean 1-15-08-500

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