Rollformer and Cutoff Machine Refurbish

We had been working with a customer on many of their new Automatic Rollform Systems when they asked us to look at the problems they were experiencing with an older Rollform Line for a possible machine refurbish.  The Rollformer was made by another manufacturer but a Cutoff and Special Automatic Bin Stacker was adapted by another company that had become non-existent.

Even though they had a lot of downtime and production problems with the Line, it was also very essential to a major product they manufacture.  We had them run 2 to 3 weeks of advanced production to allow us to pull the System out of service. We then shipped it to our plant in St. Louis, MO for a quick machine refurbish.

We pre-wired the new PLC and Control Panel, pre-programmed the System, and purchased most of the major components before the machine was pulled from service.  The Rollformer and Cutoff were torn down and rebuilt.  Modifications were made to the Part Bin Stacker and all the Safety Guards were modified and updated to todays standards.

All of the problems were solved and the machine was back in service in a couple of weeks.


1092 Rebuild 1

1092 Rebuild 2


1092 Rebuild Complete