Dual Head Rollformer

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The Dual Head Rollformer is for forming two edges of the strip or part at the same time in a single pass-through operation. The Dual Head Rollformer provides a quick changeover concept for parts needing a wide range of widths. It can be used as a Free-Standing Blank Fed Unit or added into a coil feed application.

A Dual Head is primarily for edge forming operations needing straight parallel formed edges like Shelving, Cabinets, and Wall Panels. The Rollformer consists of two parallel Rollform Head Assemblies (Spindle Housings) mounted on a common frame and drive with opposed Roll Tooling mounted on outboard extended spindles. The one Rollform Head is usually stationary and the other is movable. Width variations can range from about 6″ to 60″ with special applications as wide as 120″.

Not all Rollform Companies can build a quality Dual Head Rollformer. We have over 40 years of design and application experience to build a high-quality machine. HEADSThe movable Head is usually mounted on slides with Lead Screws to hold the Heads parallel across the full width range.

As in all Rollform applications, the part parameters will determine the size, centers, spindles, and horsepower. With a Dual Head Rollformer, not only is the quality of the Spindle Housings (Forming Heads) important but also the alignment and parallelism of the Forming Heads and how to configure the Slide and Drives.

As an option, we design our Dual Head Rollformers with additional inboard roll space which could be tooled with additional rollform profiles.

We offer a wide variety of quick changeover applications for multiple changes within the Dual Head Edge Form Profiles.


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