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Box Fan Fabrication System

Box Fan Fabrication System

Custom Rollform is more than rollform equipment and applications. We are one of a few equipment manufacturing companies that can design and manufacture complete turnkey fabrication systems. We are not a component integrator that ties various systems and components together from a variety of manufacturers. Everything you see on this video was designed and manufactured by a single source manufacturer (Custom Rollform Products). All the programmed electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems were designed and integrated by Custom Rollform to insure you get years of service from a single source supplier.

This is a coil feed notching, punching, rollforming and tangent form applications integrated into a complete automation system. This system consists of two (2) rollform systems to simultaneously manufacture the two (2) fan components required for this Box Fan Application. As the parts are fabricated they are fed directly into a series of forming and assembly operations to toggle lock the housing together, insert the motor mount struts, then clinch lock the struts into the Fan Housing.

Custom Rollform Products Box Fan Fabrication System

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