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Compact Cut To Length Line

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Compact Cut To Length Line
Model# C6018

The Compact Cut To Length Line design and heavy duty construction makes this our most popular system. The Programmable Feed handles materials 26 to 10 gauge, up to 72” wide. Our wide range of Drives, Controls, and applications assures you will get the dependability and accuracy you expect from a quality system.  You can view a video of this machine here.Cut To Length

System shown with 10,000# Decoiler under fed with optional Threader table.

The Compact Cut To Length Line System features our quality Feeder Straightener & Shear Cutoff combined on a heavy duty all welded steel frame. We offer a wide range of Programmable Feed Drives & Controls for both Flying & Index Feed Applications.

Standard Features Include

Programmable Length & Batch Controls
Full Hardened Feed & Straightener Rolls
Over & Under Coil Fed Straighteners
Micrometer Setting (Straightener Rolls)
Pneumatic Clamping (All Pinch Rolls)
Hardened Infeed Guides
Entrance & Exit Cascade Rolls

Options Available include

Inline Notching & Punching
Coil Cars & Upender
Peeler and/or Threader Tables
Inline Slitting
Sheet Stackers
Tangent or Endforming

END & CORNER EDGE NOTCHINGCut-To-Length-clean-600

coil cut to length line diagram

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