Personal Safes

Complete Coil Feed Rollformer and Tangent Wingformer to produce a variety of Personal Safes.

Tangent Former forms end and sides into a Full
Wrapper Housing with Inline Welder.
 Personal Safe Line
Pre-Tooled Programmable Notching-400

(Pre-Tooled Programmable Notching)

Pre-Notch and Punch edges prior to Rollforming

Quick Change Profile-400

(Quick Change Profile)

Two Pre-Tooled Rollformers side by side shuttled
in & out of line with the Coil Strip Feed.

 Pre-Tooled Emboss-400 for safes

(Pre-Tooled Emboss)

Cutoff & Endform Presses

 Programmable Tangent Former & Inline Welder-400

Programmable Tangent Former & Inline Welder

 Group of Safes

Personal Safes (18 Ga.)

Coil Feed – 12 different sizes and styles,
Full Wrapper design with Inline Welding.

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