Stiffener Rollform Line Refurbish

Stiffener Line with Grain Bin Parts

We built this Rollform Line about twenty years ago to produce 7 Ga. to 16 Ga. Vertical Stiffeners for the Grain Bin Industry.  The System featured our Pre-Tooled Variable Width Rollformer to produce two similar profiles. The profiles would nest together in a quick changeover application.

This machine was replaced for a heavier System that would also produce Stiffeners up to ¼” thick.  The customer wanted a line refurbished to be used again in their new venture overseas. The machine was also to be upgraded with the latest Electronics, Drives, and Controls used to date.

The original Drive on the Rollformer was hydraulic. It held good accuracy throughout its years of service.  Today we use Variable Frequency Motors to drive our Rollformers, especially when we need to hold tight tolerances on Index Feeds.

Line refurbish and modifications included building an all-new Electronic Control Panel for the complete System.  A new updated AMS Data Entry Controller was also added to the System.  All the Hydraulic Cylinders were rebuilt or replaced. We also built a new Hydraulic Power Supply for the System.  Every Bearing and Bushing was inspected and / or replaced.  All the Dies were rebuilt and / or modified.

All the Safety Guarding, Sensors, and Light Curtains were modified or updated to meet todays current regulations.

This equipment was originally built by Custom Rollform Products. We have also rebuilt and made modifications to other types and brands of Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment.


Stiffener Line Prior


Stiffener Line Die Bed Prior


Stiffener Line Decoiler Prior


Stiffener Line Decoiler Refurbished


Stiffener Line Motor Prior


New Variable Frequency Motors and Reducers for improved Index Feed control.


Stiffener Line Clean Up


Stiffener Line Refurbished

Complete Rollform rebuild with new Guarding and Light Curtains

Additional Pictures

Hydraulic Power Supply

All new Hydraulic Power Supply

 Programmable Length Batch Microprocess Controller

New Programmable Length Batch Microprocess Controller

 All new Electrical Panel & Drives

All new Electrical Panel & Drives

 Variable Frequency Motors and Reducers

Four new Variable Frequency Motors and

Reducers replace the original Hydraulic Drive.