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Air Conditioning Cabinets

Tangent Forming Air Conditioning Cabinets

(Combination Form Press, Tangent Former, & Clinch Lock Unit)

Designed to final form the pre-punched, notched, and embossed blank into the finished Full Wrapper Cabinet. The part is pre-painted with high gloss powder coat with back flanges pre-formed.

The Tangent Former bends a 1-1/4” – 90° flange across the top front of the Housing as it forms the two (2) sides vertical to produce the three (3) sided Wrapper. The back flange corners are overlapped and the Tangent Former clinch locks them together while holding them 90°. The Unit punches three (3) clinch locks at each corner.

Air Conditioner Cabinet Air Conditioner Cabinet Manual Load System
Manual Load System to form & clinch three (3)
sided Wrapper

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