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E Stud & Track Line

E Stud & Track Line

The E Stud Line is compact and designed for the light commercial industry. Its unitized construction allows it to be taken to the job site, relocated within the plant where needed or easily stored between jobs or applications. This is not a light duty, chain drive, portable, job site throw away. The E-Stud eliminates extensive coil changeovers and roll spacer tooling setups. Once you understand all the features the E-Stud provides, nothing else will compare in price, for years of dependable service.

Our Variable Width Rollform design positions the roll tooling with a simple leadscrew handwheel. The variable tooling design allows the operator to make width changeovers in less than a minute.

All E-Stud Lines feature quality Punch and Cutoff Dies, All Gear Drives, Heavy Duty Spindles and Bearing and Full Hardened Rolls to assure years of maintenance free service.

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