Double Slack Loop Cut To Length Line

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This is just one example of wide variety of Double Slack Loop Coil Cut To Length Line Systems we manufacture. We offer a full range of Drives, Controls, and Line Configurations to fit your every production requirement and application. Our Systems are designed to straighten and cut to length 10 to 30 gauge mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel in widths up to 72”. Double Slack Loop Cut To Length LineDouble Slack Loop Cut to Length Line

Standard Features Include

Programmable Length and Batch Controls
Sonic Loop Control Sensors
Full Hardened Feed and Straightener Rolls
Over and Under Coil Fed Decoilers and Straighteners
Micrometer Setting (Straightener Rolls)
Pneumatic Clamping (All Pinch Rolls)
Hardened Roller
Infeed Guides
Entrance and Exit Cascade Rolls

CUT TO LENGTH CASCADE ROLLERS-400Programmable Roll Feed into Shear Cutoff

Options Available Include

Coil Cars and Upender
Peeler and / or Threader Tables
Notching and Punching (Inline)
Inline Slitting
Sheet Stackers
Tangent and Endforming

FEEDER & STRIGHTNER CLEAN 1-400Nine Roll Straightener with Over / Under Roll

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