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At Custom Rollform Products, we take great pride in the technical designs and concepts we have introduced over the years to increase the productivity and accuracy of our Rollform Systems. We have led the field for over 30 years developing Programmable Index Feeds, Multiple Pre-Tooled Rollformers, Variable Width Rollform Tooling and a wide variety of quick-change tooling and setup concepts.

Basic Rollformers

We offer a wide variety of Rollformers to fit every profile and forming application. Each Rollformer is especially designed to match the part profile, material to be formed, and overall production criteria.


Variable Width Rollforming Setup

One Design Concept incorporates our Variable Width Roll Tooling and Programmable Index Feed Drive.

The width of the tooling or part is varied with a simple Handwheel Lead Screw Setting.

Roll width setup can be performed in less than a minute.


Dual Head Rollformers
(Duplex)(Panel Rollformers)

The Dual Head Rollformer is designed to form two (2) edges of the strip or part at the same time in a single pass through operation. The Rollformer consists of two (2) parallel Rollform Head Assemblies (Spindle Housings) mounted on a common frame and drive with opposed Roll Tooling mounted on Outboard Extended Spindles.


Independent Stand Rollformers

Independent Outboard Stands support Spindles and allow access to heavy large diameter Roll Tooling.


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