Blower Housings

Blower Housings Complete Form and Assembly System

Blower Housing Wrapper, Dual Mandrel Decoiler,
Notch, Punch, Rollform, and Endformer with Part Stacker

Blower Housing Wrapper Line

Complete Coil Feed System

Punches, Notches, Embosses, Seams and Flanges the Wrappers in a variety of lengths, widths & patterns.
Variable width quick change Rollformer and Dies.
 Quick change tooling and programmable set-ups produces a variety of styles and sizes of Blower Housings in minutes.

Blower HousingsSpecial Patent Pending Slit Lance Lock Seam Design

Assembly Unit-800Assembly System

Programmable Assembly Unit produces assembled and seamed Blower Housings in a wide range of diameters, widths, and styles on one machine.

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