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Shelf Fabrication

Shelf Fabrication

The following application is a complete Coil Feed System to manufacture a wide variety of Shelves from 18 gauge galvanized mild steel. The System is designed to pre-notch and punch the strip, rollform the two (2) side profiles in a single pass through operation, endform both ends and toggle lock all four (4) corners in a Fully Automatic Line System.

The Shelves are produced in five (5) basic widths from 8″ to 30″ wide in lengths from 13″ to 52″ long. Part lengths within the same coil strip width can be run in any quantity or order without additional setups or scrap loss.

The Rollformer features our special variable head concept that varies the form rolls and part profile with a leadscrew / handwheel setting in less than a minute. The Pre-Notch and Punch Press Dies are also setup with leadscrew settings with micrometer readouts for a quick change application. All the line settings can be changed in approximately five to ten minutes to accommodate coil and part width variables.

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