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Oven Cavities

Tangent Forming Radius Corners on Stainless Steel Oven Cavities

Stainless Steel Oven Cavity Line

Integrated Rollform, Tangent Form, & Welding Application
In-Line Welding UnitForming Unit with In-Line Welding
The system is designed to Tangent Form the two (2) ends and form the 1-1/2” radius corners. The unit is completely automatic and programmed to produce a variety of Three (3) Sided “U” Shaped Housings and Four (4) Sided Full Wrapper Housings. Pre-Punched and Notched Blanks are fed onto an Entry Conveyor which senses the length, width, and punch pattern variables. This information sets the width of the Rollformer and programs the forming sequence of the Tangent Former. The system is designed to make a wide range of “U” Shaped and Full Wrapper Housings.

Sensing and automatic programming insures the system produces a good part even when the Operator loads the wrong blank.

A Rollformer is used to form the front and back outer edge flanges and adjust automatically for the width variable required. Two (2) Tangent Endformers form the 90° lead and trail ends of the Housings. Two (2) Programmed Radius Tangent Forming Units form the
1-1/2” radius corners to produce the “U” Shape or Four (4) sided Full Wrapper Housings. Full Wrapper Housings are then held and spot welded inline within the Tangent Forming Unit.

 Oven Caivty Part

18 Ga. (.042) Stainless Steel
 Oven Cavity Part Profile Drawing
Custom Rollform Products Oven Cavity

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