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Light Diffuser System

Light Diffuser SystemLight Diffuser PartsLight Diffuser Parts 2
Custom Rollform Products Light Diffuser System

System produces the Linear and Lateral Diffuser Blades and Outer Frame Sections for 1-½” and 3” deep Light Diffusers. Utilizing a Servo Feed and High-Speed Hydraulic Presses, the system pre-notches the sections for the interlocking notches and tabs using a combination of gang and gag sequences. The pre-cut and notched parts are then fed directly into a specially designed Hydraulic Forming Press. The Press positions the parts within the Die, forms the part in a two-stage sequence, then ejects the part from the opposite side. The Controller allows the Operator the choice of pre-positioning or spacing the Individual Notch Dies to run a high-volume gang punch and gagged sequenced production or lower-volume parts can be run in a variety of cell configurations using the Index Feed (no setup required).

The Notch, Punch and Tab Presses are mounted on two separate Die Beds which allows the Operator to setup for the next run while running product on the other setup.

The Form Press also includes hydraulic clamping and built-in stops to minimize downtime for changeovers and setups. Lengths and patterns can be setup in minutes and complete changeovers from the 1-½” to 3” Diffusers can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes.

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