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Tangent Formers, Wingformers & Endformers

Tangent Formers
Safes Electrical Enclosure
Boxes & Wireways
Furnace Wrapper Air-Conditioning Cabinets Radius Corners
Custom Rollform Products manufactures a wide variety of Tangent Formers, Wingformers, & End Forming Units. They can be used as Free Standing Manual Feed Units or incorporated into an Inline Fabrication System to final form the part.

Tangent Forming Units are designed to wingform or endform Sheet Metal Flanges or Housings while holding the part or panel in the horizontal flat panel position. They can be used as a Primary Free Standing Forming Unit or to operate in conjunction with a Rollforming System to Endform the leading and trailing ends and/or final form the part into a Full Wrapper Housing or Cabinet.

PICTURE29Forming Unit with In-Line Welding
16 Ga. Stainless Steel Oven Cavity 1 ½” radius corners.
Tangent FormingFree Standing Tangent Wingformer 10 and 12 Ga.
Three (3) sided Wrapper with 6” radius corners.
Many applications utilize a Rollformer to form the continuous linear flanges of a part and use a Tangent End Former to close the end sections. Parts like Shelving, Partitions, Drawer Bodies, and Cabinets are just a few of the products that can incorporate Tangent Forming Applications. Besides Endform Operations, Tangent Forming Units can also be used to final form sections into two (2) sided, three (3) sided, or four (4) sided Full Wrapper Cabinet sections. Items like Air Conditioners, File Cabinets, Refrigerators, or Vending Machine Cabinets can be formed in a variety of configurations.
In a Complete On-Time Production System the Tangent Former can be completely sequenced and programmed to feed, form, and eject a variety of Cabinet Configurations with little or no setup.The Endformer will form pre-rollformed Panels into final formed three-sided Cabinets in five different depths, four widths and two heights. The Outer Rams will form a 90° flange on both ends and the Inner Rams will form the Cabinet into a three- sided Wrapper. The parts are threaded directly from the Feed Conveyor, formed then ejected laterally onto the next Conveyor to the Assembly Area. TangentFormerTangent Forming lead and trail ends then forming the part
into a three (3) side furnace wrapper cabinets.

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