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Tangent Formers – Electrical Enclosure Boxes & Wireways

(16 Ga. Pre-Painted Steel)

Tangent Formers
SafesElectrical Enclosure
Boxes & Wireways
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Electrical Enclosure Boxes, blank fed Rollformed the top edged with two (2) different flange designs and tangent formed the sides. Lengths varied from 18” to 48”. 14 parts per minute production rate.


PICTURE2548” Tangent Forming Press
(Pass Thru Design)
Note! We also built an automatic clinch lock unit to fasten
the ends and boxes together in a single pass thru operation.

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(14 to 16 GA. Galvanized or Pre-Painted)

Electrical Wireway is produced 1′ to 10′ in 1′ increments. Sizes range from 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ to 12″ x 12″ in square and rectangular styles. Top flanges vary to accommodate a variety of hinge and screw cover designs.

A continuous knockout pattern is punched down both sides in a variety of patterns. The design is a programmable coil fed punch, notch, and cut-to-length system to produce completed knockout blanks feeding them directly into the form press. blanks are conveyed and positioned into the form press for an automatic programmable feed form cycle.

The 10′ press will produce three (3) shorter parts (1′ to 3′ long) each cycle or two (2) 4′ or 5′ parts each cycle. Parts 6′ and longer will be produced one (1) part per cycle. All parts are ejected automatically.

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