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Manufacturers of

Tangent Formers
Coil Cut-To-Length Lines
Form & Fabrication Systems

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Coil Feed Cutoff, Curl w/ Plasma Arc Seam Welder
MFG Stainless Steel Pump Housings


Unique in the industry, we offer a full line of Sheet Metal Fabricating Equipment, including Roll Forming Machines, Tangent Benders, Endformers, In-Line Punching, Notching, Slitting, Louvering, Embossing, Welding, and Assembling. Our Machines are all Engineered and Manufactured in-house, and our complete line of equipment minimizes material handling, and greatly facilitates just-in-tim production, which will also minimize your inventory and warehousing needs.


4" 24GF Stainless Tube
w/ Integrated Weld Tab on
both ends, produced in
lengths from 14" to 40"
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